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Yes, there is life beyond beads ….

September 12, 2011

Hairy Truman, wonder-pup extraordinaire, poses for his papparazzi

Lately, things have been unusually quiet here in my little facet of the bead universe, but that’s hardly a reflection of real life. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods … unless you’ve been living in a complete news vacuum you know that all kinds of freaky natural disasters have hit the east coast big time in the last month. In fact, I was just sitting around the other day waiting for frogs to drop from the sky, when a wonderful 15-pound Golden Retriever pup fell into my lap instead.

Meet Truman, our veritable teddy bear of a dog; he has been with us about 4 weeks now and is shaping up to become a fine addition to our family.

If you’ve followed this blog before, you may recall a few pics of our beautiful yellow lab, Stella. She was, in all seriousness, one of my best friends ever on this earth, and still 6 months out I can bring myself to tears in about 30 seconds flat just thinking about her. But we had to say our final goodbyes last January, and after a long time mourning we decided that summer would be the right to welcome a new pup into our lives.

What can I say? The fresh, sweet smell of puppy breath, their soft fur, the cute way they run through a field when chasing after a boy who has dog treats in his pockets … it’s been an ideal way to end a wonderful summer. And now Truman and I are settling into a nice domestic routine of sitting around drinking coffee, playing on the floor, sleeping and writing while the boys are at school (for the record: I drink the coffee, and he does most of the sleeping ~ though I am thinking about sneaking in a quick nap later this afternoon if at all possible).

He doesn’t even know about beads yet. I’m a little worried about him eating beads that he finds on the floor (Lord knows I wouldn’t want to go on a search and rescue mission for any that go missing), but I am thinking he might look quite handsome with a little extra bead or two to complement his dog tags.

Will find my way to the bead table soon enough — Saturday is the big bead hop reveal for our Soup challenge, so I best get started.

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