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When being a “MOM” also means becoming a “talent agent”

June 7, 2011

Over half a dozen new items complete and ready to list, and this Agate mixed bead necklace is the only think I can get on Etsy today.

So forgive me if this seems obvious, but how is it that the closer we get to the kids’ summer vacation, the longer it takes to get anything done? I feel like I’m trudging through my  life like it’s a swamp — without hip boots, thank you very much. Maybe it’s the weather, or the ever-increasing number of items on my “to-do” list, or all the end-of-school-year obligations for recitals, concerts, picnics etc, but I’m ready to throw in my sweat-stained tea towel and ask for a fresh start.

But how would that work exactly? What part of the summer might I be able to skip over? Already we have half of our weekends mapped out with various trips and celebrations. Maybe we could do without some of those pesky weekdays. Who can even concentrate on work when the weather is so hot I feel like my armpits are blowing steam every time I pull my hair back. (OK — sorry that was a really gross image). But just a quick peek at the bank account is usually enough for most of us to know we can’t afford to skip the work situation altogether.

That’s why, as near as I can tell in my stress-addled state, the only true solution is to hire out my kids as indentured servants of some kind or another. I’m not talking Oliver Twist here, just something for a few weeks to bring in some Benjamins. After all, if I can get them to pull a decent wage for 1/3 of the summer, we can can all take the rest of the time off. Eli is incredibly good at scooping dog poop. And though he’d rather I not point it out to the world in general, I think he’s rather handy with a hammer for a lad of his young years. Isaiah has recently tapped into the fine art of kid sitting, and honestly I’d say he’s pretty good at entertaining the troops. And of course, as I’ve mentioned more than once, he is now the tallest member of our household, so if anyone needs their top shelves reorganized by a 6’2″ man-child with a knack for decorating, I can set you up with some talent.

I’m sure I could think of some other hidden skills to list on the flyers that will soon be circulating around the neighborhood … Have a modest proposal of your own to share? I’m open to suggestions!

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  1. June 7, 2011 11:10 pm

    I definitely wish you lived closer. We’d hire both boys and utilize all their talents, perhaps even develop a few more?! Plus it would be fun to hang out which we’ve never really had an opportunity to do so.

    BTW-love the image of steam coming from the armpits. Reminds me of my summers in Upstate NY. I think that I was wet all summer. Love living in a more arid state!

  2. June 7, 2011 11:28 pm

    Yes, I love living in this part of the country … until summer hits … I haven’t spent much time west of the Mississippi, but I do recall how much drier it was in Colorado … as well as Jeff muttering something along the lines of “how do you people live like this,” during a cousins reunion in CT … that still cracks me up every time I think of it.

    Would love to think we might be able to come out that way … right now we’re starting to think of all of our travel plans in terms of “what colleges in that area can we visit …” fortunately, Isaiah is pretty confident he wants to look for someplace between Boston and DC, but I’d love for him to get to know you both better for the career insights you might be able to lend … for a very brief time (3 weeks perhaps), Isaiah was leaning toward AP Chemistry AND Physics next year, but his true passion is in history, debate and English. His school requires a big career project for his senior year, and he is lined up to shadow a local judge who is also the mother of one of his classmates ~ will keep you posted if he needs to round that out with another perspective.

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