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The dog days around the corner

June 1, 2011

Our dear Stella, defender of the faith and motorcycle queen extraordinaire, sporting her doggles before a ride last summer

Last summer I was so impressed with a post from Kerry Bogert about all the fun things she had planned for her kids … never mind that she produces copious amounts of beautiful beads, a regular blog (, and a steady stream of top-notch book content. Every week for 8 solid weeks that family was going to have a theme, and everything sounded so very fun. Unfortunately for my kids, I’m not that kind of mom. Not only do my creative efforts seem to follow some very obvious fits and starts, my ability to plan anything beyond the occasional play date leaves much to be desired in the parenting category.

I try to reconcile that fact by considering myself spontaneous and funny, the kind of mom who would pack all the kids into a station wagon and head for the city, a place where I could introduce them to various ethnic foods, museums and film festivals … in my best aspirational moments I would be the adventurous, athletic mom who rises at dawn for a quick jog around the neighborhood and returns energized and refreshed, able to pack a picnic basket full of food before the kids are even out of bed so we can spend a day at the beach (even though we’re several hours from the shore) … I would even have the foresight to pack a bottle of vinegar (in case of jellyfish stings) and muster enough enthusiasm to play license plate bingo on the long drive to get there.

But the real truth is I’m the sort of mom who has trouble thinking that far ahead. Most mornings I’m more likely to be found in front of  a computer or muttering to myself at a craft table … around noon, if we’re lucky, we might head to the pool where I’ll spend most of my time reading a book on the sidelines … and as soon as we’re back home the adventure continues when I slip into a favorite pair of shorts and enjoy a vodka tonic on the deck before grilling dinner.

Fortunately, my kids (for the most part) seem to like the mom they have. I think the disconnect is just a short circuit in my own head when I get stuck in a moment, realizing how incredibly fast these summers go by and how quickly they’re growing up. Of course, I’ll never be able to fix THAT, so maybe I should learn to relax a little and let them do some of the planning instead. After all, they’re much more creative than I am at this point, and there is also some weird little part of my brain thinks maybe it’s OK for them to start thinking about taking care of me once and a while, too.  So let the dog days descend upon us. I’m ready! WOOF!

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  1. June 1, 2011 8:56 pm

    I know the feeling! I hate bugs, and I’m very fair skinned, and to be quite honest, I’d rather spend my free time beading….so when the kids go outside to play, I head to my bead table! Oh well, that’s why I have more than one, so they can entertain each other! I also have a pretty playful personality, so I’m constantly goosing someone, or smothering my boys with sugar while they protest vigorously! I think the most important thing I want to give them is that it’s ok not to be a Norman Rockwell family. I’ve never met anyone’s family that is like that anyway!

  2. June 1, 2011 11:14 pm

    Mmmm, relaxing with a vodka tonic after the pool sounds heavenly and much better than wrestling a couple toddlers back into their clothes. I’m not sure where I fall into the spectrum–perhaps tired mom trying to preserve sanity by running/biking/playing my kiddos into a tired state so that they’ll sleep for 2+ hours in the afternoon. BTW, my kiddos would love to hang around your craft table, simply watching you bead or partaking in it since I’m not one to do such things and they know that Cousin Shea made some of my favorite earrings. Fortunately, Melissa & Doug makes some cool alphabet bead sets and my kiddos are cranking out the necklaces, hoping to create an etsy site of their own some day so that Gregor can make some greenbacks.


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