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To Blog Buddies and New Beads!

April 11, 2011

Seems I am a sucker for faceted tear drops, as evidenced by my latest additions from WireFest

So as I mentioned the other day, on Friday I had the pleasure of spending a day at WireFest with my good friend, Carol. I wish I had a snapshot of her that I could share with you, but she probably would have killed me had I taken one.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time catching up with one another and scouting out our favorite booths and good deals. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a conversation about kids and college tuition bills to make you feel a little more frugal at a bead show, but we managed to buy some new beads anyway. Here’s a wonderful stash shot of some of the strands I found for myself — if anything, I wanted to document the fact that sometimes I do add colorful beads to my collection.

So lucky Carol then went back on Sunday for an enamel bead workshop, and judging by a quick email from her this morning it was fantastic, so I can’t wait to see her again and hear all about it. While we were there, we also had fun trying to pick out some beads for our friend Karen, who had asked Carol to make a necklace that would coordinate with a very specific jacket; Karen is an excellent craft and quilting editor with a great eye for detail, so we both felt a deep sense of purpose with our mission, and we devoted quite a bit of time to discussing and debating the perfect selection. Of course, Carol had actually seen said jacket, whereas I had not, so she was a more discerning, but haven’t heard back from Karen yet if she likes the choices we made for her. Confused by my switching back and forth in this story between the names Carol and Karen? Join the club. Every time I talk about them with my husband, the conversation ends with him asking me to clarify who is who.

In other news, I also wanted to share a shot of some wonderful beads that Tara Plote sent me, extras from the big Lori Anderson Bead Swap a few months ago.

Notice how well the beautiful blue squares match some of the beads I picked out in the shot above ... Mere coincidence? I think not.

Tara was very generous and decided not only to share what she had made as part of the exchange in a giveaway, but also to offer some of her own extras as part of a second giveaway … And lucky me, I was one of her winners. I wish the photo had come out a little better because it’s hard to see the dark purple glass flower/bell-shaped beads on a black background, but I’ve always wanted to try my hand at working with that shape, so I was so excited to see them in this mix. I’ll try to take another shot once I’ve fashioned them into some earrings and show them to you again.
Finally, to fill you in on one more story of generosity and the delight of new friendships, wanted to show you this other piece that just came today. As a matter of course, I usually like to include a little something extra when someone orders my supplies, and so when I was putting together a package for my new friend, Missy, I slipped a little extra hook clasp into her bag so she could try it out. Well darned if she didn’t put a whole new spin on that clasp.

My friend Missy refashioned one of my Argentium clasps into a completely new item. I LOVE seeing my work through another artist ~ it always takes on a fresh perspective.

She added a few beads and turned it into a focal piece frame for a simple necklace! And then she was so sweet to send it back to me as a gift! Seriously, I could die at how cool I think this necklace is. Never would have thought to use one of my clasps this way, but I love how delicately she linked all the pieces together ~ and she used my favorite color of beads. How on earth did she know?
And as if this necklace wasn’t enough of a treat, she also included a length of chain that blew me away. You see, when I was at WireFest, Carol insisted that we stop by this vendor where she had found some interesting chains at a previous show. I tend to get a little hung up on my love of Argentium silver, and this booth was full of copper, brass and aluminum chains, but with my trunk show coming up I figured I should definitely get a few chains for making a some non-silver jewelry, just in case some people show up who prefer the antique/vintage look. Well wouldn’t you know that this pattern Missy sent me is the EXACT kind that I had kicked myself for not buying at Wirefest? At the time, I thought it felt a little too modern, and I couldn’t think of any brilliant ideas for using it, so I didn’t include it in my selection. But later that night, as I was mentally reviewing all the wonderful things that we had seen that day, this chain pattern haunted me. And then to open a gift box on Monday and see that same chain staring up at me? The Rod Serling theme song started racing through my head and I just couldn’t figure out how Missy knew this would be something that would intrigue me. Well, let’s just chalk it up to kismet, shall we? If you’ve ever had this sort of thing happen to you, I’d love to hear about it!

An extra PIF from Missy ... or is it Kismet?

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  1. April 12, 2011 8:03 am

    Oh You better go play the Lotto! What good fortune : ) – Love what she did with that clasp! I bet you’ve got some nice Spring weather too LOL I’m jealous – enjoy your goodies – that turquoise chacedony looking stuff in the first picture is sooo pretty.

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