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A Belated Birthday Post

April 7, 2011

What better way to say happy birthday than with 'human ivory' (ie; fingernail clippings set in resin) by the very talented Rachel Betty Case

So yesterday was my first Etsy birthday … Etsyversary in the online store parlance … As you may recall from posts a few weeks back (and the giveaways that ensued), I had really high hopes for this anniversary. I had set a goal to have at least 100 items listed, I was going to interact with my FB friends more, there would be ample and thoughtful blog post reflections along with way wherein I ponder the DIY movement and profile several people who inspire me …

And then I got sidetracked by some editorial projects that help me pay the bills, and all those little hopes and dreams got a little off course … but not too much. I celebrated yesterday with a coupon code for 15% off, relisted a bunch of stuff that had been sitting around since  February, and cooked a nice meal for my gang (crab cakes, roasted potatoes and asparagus, green salad with avocado dressing, and strawberry-rhubarb crisp with fresh whipped cream) … it was truly delicious in every way.

That said, I’m not sure exactly how long I’m going to hold the sale — probably through part of the weekend — because it depends on whether I find a class that suits my fancy tomorrow at WireFest. Are any of you going? My friend Carol and I are going to head down there, do some serious bead shopping, have dinner and stick around for the meet and greet event with the instructors. I hope feeling the enthusiasm of everybody down there and seeing the projects up close will inspire me to sign up for something. It’s just so hard to pick a class from the course descriptions alone. Leave a message if you are planning to be there tomorrow.

As for the anniversary celebration, even after this particular coupon code retires I’m planning some more store-related festivities:

  • APRIL 20TH I’ll be offering serious discounts on a few favorite items (some new, some old) because that’s the day I listed my first item …
  • APRIL 27TH, the day that I SOLD my first item, I’m thinking about kicking it old school and having a BOGO 1/2 OFF sale … ever since coupon codes were introduced, I’ve noticed a big drop off in the BOGO sale format, so I think that will feel fresh and fun.

These will probably be just 24-hour sales, so plan accordingly if you’re looking for a good mother’s day gift or something … of course, things are always subject to change, especially since I’m also gearing up for a big trunk show on FRIDAY MAY 20TH, and let me tell you I can’t wait for that one … and now, because the only closing sentences that are going through my head right now sound sort of corny, like the kind of thing I would have written in my diary when I was 12 or so, I’m just going to take that as a sign that I need to hit the sack.

A girl should always feel well-rested for a day of bead shopping, after all …

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  1. Fabric Fascination permalink
    April 8, 2011 4:01 pm

    Happy Etsyversary!

  2. April 10, 2011 1:48 pm

    Oh Hapy Etsyversary! I feel your pain I had 3 weeks of rotating children on early dismissal, parent teacher meetings and now sickness….I had soooo many plans! Celebrate what you can!…I wouldn’t mind a few crab cakes either… LOL

  3. April 11, 2011 1:48 am

    Thanks, Patty — what I neglected to leave out of the story? That it was raining that day so the dog hadn’t gone out for her proper business … she let loose all over the floor and I slipped in fell in her puddle of pee …. and then while making dinner I dropped my avocado sauce and covered half my kitchen green … had to make a second batch … thought all that was too much information, but your kindness and candor make me feel like sharing 🙂

    Here’s to a smoother year for both of us with more sunny days ahead!

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