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What do you treasure?

December 8, 2010

Here's the probem when you can always make more jewelry for yourself ... it's too easy to outgrow your own treasure box!

treas·ur·y  (trzh-r)

n. pl. treas·ur·ies 

1. A place in which treasure is kept.
2. A place in which private or public funds are received, kept, managed, and disbursed. 
3. A collection of literary or artistic treasures: a treasury of English verse.
4. Treasury 

a. The department of a government in charge of the collection, management, and expenditure of the public revenue.
b. A security, such as a note, issued by the U.S. Treasury.

[Middle English tresorie, from Old French, from tresor, treasure; see treasure.]

With the state of the economy making headlines every other minute, I find the variety of definitions above somewhat fascinating. As for me, I’ve recently found enormous thrill in trolling around Etsy in search of the perfect photograph for a treasury collection of my own. In fact, I’ve just recently joined a treasury-making team with the hopes of being featured in a few more collections by other Etsy-addicted crafters such as myself.

“So what exactly is the goal of these treasuries?” my husband gently asked me the other night as he idly watched a football game and I stared at my laptop screen looking for the perfect shade of vintage emerald outerwear to complete my “Enchanted by Emeralds” offering to the Etsy universe.

Now before going any further  I should pause here to point out that my husband is the co-founder of an integrated marketing company that specializes in web design, so he’s hardly a simpleton when it comes to understanding the internet and commercial enterprises such as Etsy. Still, I found myself tongue-tied as to how to explain my new treasury-making passion coherently.

“Well … there isn’t really a set goal per se,” I began hesitantly. “It’s more about making connections with people and showing off the deep variety of items available through Etsy …. Plus. it’s about poetry and diving into the collective unconscious in more ways than you might think.”

Just between you and me, he’s always been a sucker for Jungian references, so I was hoping that throwing in that last bit about the collective unconscious might distract him from the fact that I’d been wearing the same clothes for most of the weekend and hadn’t blinked when the kids told me they wanted cookies for dinner. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw him scratching his chin trying to figure out how to craft his next question.

“Riiiiiight, but how exactly does this treasury stuff translate into sales?”

“Well  there’s no algorithm or anything to tell you exactly how many sales you can expect out of a certain number of treasuries,” I replied swiftly. “But it’s really fun to see how many hits you can get when  you find just the right keywords and promotion tactics … It’s sort of like a video game in fact.”

B – I – N – G – O! A nearly imperceptible flutter of his eyelids, the sort of sign that’s only easy to read after 20 or so years of marriage, told me I’d hit upon the magic analogy. Suddenly a warm smile spread across his face and it was as if our reptilian brains were linking up in some sort of sci-fi mind-meld sequence (forgive me, Trekkies, but it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Mr. Spock in action).

“Oh … I get it now,” he said, the knowing smile spreading even wider with each nod of his head. “It’s like a video game with benefits.’

To be honest, I had never really thought of it in those terms, but I think he has a point. And if his understanding my new passion a little better means he might be willing to cook a few vegetables for the kids now and then on the weekends, well then I might have a few extra hours in the week to make some more treasuries!

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