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November who?

December 6, 2010

These Hammered Drop Earrings feature beautiful faceted labradorites and are just one of the many items recently added to my store since we last spoke ...

OK. You’ve probably heard this sort of lame excuse before, but when this little blog was born I really had every intention of being a good mother and posting faithfully every few days or so. But somehow other things seem to have gotten in the way, and I lost a complete month. I feel like I left my baby on the bus. It happens.

So let’s start over, shall we? To kickstart my comeback to the blogosphere, here in no particular order are 5 things I’ve been musing over since we last chatted:

1) There are worse things than having an artificial tree. Like allergies, for example. About 3 years ago we decided to forego getting a live tree in favor of an artificial blue spruce because our household is so riddled with allergies of one kind or another even the dust mites are taking handfuls of Zyrtec every morning. It’s made a huge difference not only to our seasonal allergy problems, but it’s also amazing how much less messy they are. Ah the wonders of technology. 

2) Eggnog is nasty. Who is with me on this one? My dear sweet husband looks forward to the holiday season every year so he can chug this stuff down like it’s Evian water. To me it tastes like drinking  nutmeg-laced snot.  OK. Maybe that image is a little too vivid, but you can see where I’m coming from on this one, right?

3) There’s never enough turkey. We usually enjoy spending Thanksgiving with my cousins who live in Connecticut, but this year we had to break with tradition because they had other relatives to entertain. So we decided to have  a smaller to-do with just my mom and sister in attendance. Of course it was sad not having my cousin Joe here for spontaneous jam sessions and to dance with me in the kitchen and help me come up with crazy ideas for dishes, but I tried to console myself with the thought that there would be more turkey (and dressing) for leftovers. But you know what?! I’ve discovered there’s some weird Thanksgiving algorithm at play that never leaves enough. After the obligatory round of thanksgiving sandwiches we barely had enough to scrape together a decent pan of enchiladas. I just don’t get it. Next year I’m making two turkeys no matter who is coming to dinner.

4) Theatrical productions require a LOT of rehearsal time. Both my husband and my eldest son have been bitten by the acting bug. I suppose I’m an enabler because I serve behind the scenes on the board of our local community theatre organization, but this year has been extra crazy because both of them have been involved in productions with overlapping rehearsal schedules. My son was George in his high school production “Our Town” and my husband is currently playing “Bob Cratchit” in Dicken’s Christmas Carol. So what do I get out of it besides an enormous amount of vicarious stage anxiety? Hopefully a t-shirt that says “I slept with Bob Cratchit.” Fingers crossed.

5) Etsy is my playground. Despite my obvious blog neglect, I have been diligently adding new items to my store and now have over 75 really cool pieces on display. Beyond that, however, I’ve gotten into the groove of making treasuries (it’s the photo editor in me coming out, I suppose) and joining a few teams. And I LOVE the new circles concept Etsy just rolled out to us. Of course I also got a little crazy with all the new sale services  available to retailers (coupon codes and etsyonsale especially), so this month I’ve decided to kick back and stick to “free shipping” as my main shop incentive. We’ll see how it goes. In general, I’m really pleased with all I’ve learned in the past 6 months and how my store has grown. Who knows ~ maybe next year I’ll even break into some live craft shows.

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