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Because I love postal workers

September 3, 2010

One of my more recent creations involved a focal piece brimming with 350 million year old fossils .... MORTAL COIL. Mixed Bead and Silver Necklace by Gr8Findings on Etsy.

I’ve decided to offer FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING for the entire month of September. Plus, Facebook Fans of Gr8Findings on Etsy receive their usual 10% discount.

Now I wish I could launch into a thoughtful, charming post about why I decided to do this, but the simple truth is I’ve been scratching my creative itch quite a bit lately and things are starting to pile up. I have a small dish of new pieces waiting to be photographed and listed, plus half a dozen items in various stages of completeness. It feels like my brain has been going into overdrive lately thinking of new designs and directions to pursue. Seriously, my brain is humming to itself half the time — and I swear I’ve been cutting back on the coffee — so it’s a good thing the kids are starting back to school next week and I’ll have fewer daytime distractions.

So where exactly do I stand? I’ve just finished adding “free shipping” tags to all my items — a tedious chore that actually had to be broken down into two days because I found it so monotonous — but looking back it seems like an especially good exercise because there was a lot of inconsistency in my description and tagging strategy between my older and newer items. Now that it’s done, I’m on to the more fun stuff … like getting more inventory up and running.

Although maybe I should take advantage of this break in the hot weather and bake some cookies for my friends at the post office. I hope I’m going to be seeing more of them soon enough!

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