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Christmas in August?

August 27, 2010

Here are the latest earrings I've created -- don't you just love the organic look of wire wrapped around hammered metal?

So first off, let me begin with a round of apologies to the powers that be in the blogsosphere for posting so infrequently this month. It was never my intention to become an absentee blogger. However, as my last post explained, August saw a lot of changes to the usual routine and I found myself challenged to maintain basic hygiene on most days, let alone write blog updates. I didn’t even make it to the dang bead show in Philadelphia that I had so eagerly anticipated.

Nonetheless, my little Etsy store saw a delightful (and for the most part inexplicable) burst of activity in the last week that has left me scratching my head. Several pairs of earrings, links, fused jump rings and toggle clasps all flew out the door in a matter of days. Trust me, I’m not complaining, but I do wish I knew how that happened so I could do it all over again. In following the forums, I’ve heard several veteran Etsians say that they usually see and upswing in business when the weather starts to cool. And with holiday season fast approaching (I’ve already seen Halloween merchandise in some brick and mortar stores), it make sense that people are kicking their jewelry-making efforts into high gear.

As for me, I’m looking forward to my first home show (probably in early October) and have been exploring some ideas for offering even more incentives and discounts for my facebook fans. The truth is, I love throwing a sale even more than shopping at one!

I’ve also been thinking about making some more dramatic pieces inspired by our beautiful local theatre. I serve on the Board of Trustees, and I’m always looking for ways to tell more people about the fantastic productions and films you can enjoy at there. Does it sound like too much of a stretch? Well maybe someday I’ll be able to integrate all the different parts of my life better. Until then, I’m going to concentrate on keeping this blog rolling and my hands busy with a hammer …

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