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Happy birthday to Wonder Women everywhere

July 21, 2010   Gr8Findings on Etsy

A rare snapshot of me before there were so many candles ...

So far, some of my favorite Etsy sales have been to men buying birthday gifts for their wives. I’m touched to think something I’ve created has helped make a special day all the more sweet, so I thought it might be good to share with you a little bit about my own big 42 lurking just around the corner. You see, I have a confession to make. I’m kind of hung up on keeping track of all the famous people who share a birthday with me.

Maybe it goes back to my childhood. Growing up, having a summer birthday meant my family was usually on vacation (or coming back from one) when my big day hit, so we never had a “big party every year” sort of tradition. But I was a relatively simple kid, so that never seemed to matter much. A new Barbie doll from my grandmother was enough to send me into paroxysms of joy. One year, however, when I was about 4, I remember a fabulous long orange summer dress (an original “maxi” dress I suppose ~ it was the ’70s after all). It was sleeveless, with huge yellow ruffles and a big sash. That birthday I also got a child-size guitar that was probably more along the lines of a ukelele, so much of the day was spent all dressed up and singing on the front porch, blowing huge kisses to imaginary fans below. If I recall correctly (a phrase my mother and sister will take issue with, I’m sure) I think that birthday probably marked the start of my secret fascination with celebrities.

For the next several years, probably because I rarely had my own parties to attend, I remember faithfully checking the newspaper to see who among the Hollywood elite would be mentioned for their upcoming birthday. At first, only the same 2 or 3 names would pop up:  Amelia Earhart (how cool is that?) and Ruth Buzzi (yes, that comedienne from Laugh In who wore a hairnet on her head). Nothing too glamorous, but I considered them both brave and daring in their own way and so I would swell with vicarious feminist pride when telling people who else should be cutting birthday cake that day. At the time, I was obviously a little young to appreciate seeing Zelda Fitzgerald on my list.

And then, when I was about 8 or 9, a new name in the celebrity birthday news left me ecstatic. Lynda Carter, the beautiful star of the hit television series Wonder Woman, and I were born on the exact same day. But of course! My purpose in life was suddenly clear. Here was this gorgeous woman, athletic, accomplished, and able to deflect bullets with her bracelets. We had so much in common, surely the heavens were in alignment for such a coincidence to occur.

Over the years, keeping track of “my list” became a small obsession, my odd little way of feeling special. Fortunately, probably due to the internet and its infinite serviceability, things are much easier. Now as I plug in my birth date again this year, I see many of familiar A-list names crop up: Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Chenoweth, and Anna Paquin are among my favorites. And I think I’ll add Elisabeth Moss  while I’m at it because surely Fred Armisen would find me just as funny, right? (As a side note: just in case you think men don’t make the cut, please note that Gus Van Sant and Chris Sarandon are on there, too).  However, as a grow older it seems I’m becoming less sentimental, so little Bindi Irwin will just have to wait a bit longer and see if I add her next year. If she’s lucky.

Truth be told, I’m painfully aware of the ridiculousness of all of this, but I just can’t stop. In the meantime, I think I’m going to make a new bracelet for myself to honor my birthday … Probably won’t be gold cuffs, but in the relative safety of my own imagination it’s probably as close as I’d dare get to wearing a Wonder Woman costume any time soon.

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  1. July 21, 2010 2:03 pm

    Happy Birthday you WONDERful Woman you…….

    • July 30, 2010 9:53 pm

      Thanks, Sharon! It was a fantastic day ~ hope the rest of the year follows suit.

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