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Findings Week

June 1, 2010

These are my new favorite earrings -- just listed last weekend. I love to think how they started out as just a bead and a few pieces of wire ...

First off, sorry for the short post, but to borrow the catchy name from Jean’s beading blog, “Snap out of it, Shea — there’s beading to be done” … Gosh I love that title. Anyway, here’s a quick update.

This week I’m ramping up. In reviewing my Etsy inventory last night and making my plan for the week, it occurred to me that I really don’t have very many findings listed. Just a few head pins  and jump rings really. And after all, given the name of my store don’t you think people might be expecting to see a few more findings?

So as luck would have it, I just got a new shipment of silver last week, and now I’m going to concentrate on whipping up some 22 gauge head pins (their smaller size means they’ll be a little cheaper and easier to thread onto most beads), a lot more jump rings (both fused and open) and some funky connectors and clasps that have been pestering me to be made. If I’m really making progress, I’ll get my ring section moving, too. It’s such a great way to use a leftover bead (or two).

Of course, once I get a new batch of findings in the hopper, the challenge — as always — will be to keep my mitts of the new stuff. I’m always so tempted to use my freshly-minted findings in some other beading project (wouldn’t you if you were me?). Maybe I’ll just try to make double batches. That might work.

It’s funny how thinking about findings makes me remember when I first got into beading and couldn’t quite wrap my head around why my friend Carol was so insistent on getting good quality head pins and spacer beads. After all, they seemed so much more expensive to me — “is it really worth it?” I remember asking her. Now, years later, the answer is obvious. Though I don’t wear much of my early stuff any more because my style has evolved and now I gravitate to just a few key pieces, I don’t think I’d want to wear much of it anyway. Most of the “silver” quality has faded, and some of it is actually bent out of shape despite my generally careful storage. Maybe I’ll break some of it down eventually and recycle the beads, but for now I like to look at it every now and then as a reminder of how far I’ve grown.

And so what’s my carrot for all this progress? There’s a good possibility I might get over to the Renegade Craft Show in Williamsburg next weekend — bless her, my sweet sister offered to drive — so I’ll keep you posted on that front. Wish me luck!

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