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Too good to be true

May 11, 2010

Many people out here in the blogosphere probably have a good idea how internet ads are able to target adds to their prospects so effectively. Personally, I’m in the dark on that subject (which is OK by me), but boy do I find it weird when it happens. Just this morning I was skimming the headlines of my local newspaper online when an ad banner for a bead supply store caught my eye. They were offering a 20% off coupon, so it seemed worth a closer look. I’m getting ready to place an order with Rio Grande for some more wire, so I was especially curious how their prices would compare.

Basically, even with a discount, their Argentium wire prices were more than twice as expensive, but then another ad caught my eye (beware the slippery slope, right?) Anyway, this next ad was for intensive wire workshops, and wouldn’t you know there’s one that will be a few weeks from now in Philadelphia? Well I’m always interested in learning new techniques and am already looking forward to Bead Fest in August, so I had to click …

What followed was some ad copy that in the most polite terms might be filed under “outlandish promise.” According to the workshop organizers, I could potentially see another $500-$4,000 in my pocket each month because I would learn the perfect combination of jewelry-making techniques that would make my business flourish. My hands would be working as fast as I could during the class, and if I wasn’t completely satisfied with my learning curve by lunchtime, I would be refunded my workshop fees … but naturally I’d get to keep the workshop kit …

Really? Where do I sign up?

Honestly, I’m having a hard time thinking of who might believe in these promises. It makes me sad to think of people getting their hopes up that way. I’m not saying people can’t make a living pursuing a jewelry craft, but from what I gather success in this business depends more on the amount of hard work, marketing, social networking, and relentless optimism that you bring to the table — not a few magic wire wrapping techniques.

For now, I’ll keep on saving my $$ for Bead Fest. Are you going to be there? Let me know!

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