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An Honest Mistake

May 5, 2010

I can't believe how great these charms look -- if only they were right-side up!!!

OK. I’m one who can spend a whole lotta time coming clean to dumb errors. After all, it’s not like I don’t have a wide selection of embarrassing mistakes from which to choose. For example, there’s the time I … oh nevermind. I don’t have all day …  

But the latest one (in case you missed the photo above) still has me slapping my forehead. I can’t believe I got my peace signs mixed up! Earlier this week, I made up a bunch of these adorable PMC charms (I like to get a bunch of projects out of the way on Monday so I can upload them to my Etsy store during the week).  

Before I stamped them, I paused for a moment to ponder which direction the peace sign should go. I was born in the 60s, so I supposed I just feel a birthright affinity for this symbol, but evidently my love for it is not so ingrained that I know what it looks like when properly oriented. Maybe I could say it was a case of transient dyslexia?  

Of course, I didn’t catch this mistake until after I had shot them, written a product description and created a new item listing on Etsy … so then I had to deactivate it. Now it’s back to the bench to make a bunch of new (and correct ones) that I’ll post later today … but I love the confessional nature of blogging, so in the spirit of rigorous honesty I thought you might like to see my latest brilliant mistake. These will be headed to my scrap pile unless I can find a way to refashion them into something else. Stay tuned!

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