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My latest favorite jewelry trends

May 3, 2010

I’ve always considered myself a person who steers clear of the latest trends, a fact I”m confident my teenage son would be only too happy to confirm. For example, my home decorating style, which I usually just refer to as “eclectic,” is honestly a curious mix of Mission style, IKEA and any other type of dark furniture that will hide dog hair. That’s probably not a great example, but let’s stop for a minute and consider what types of approaches other “non-trendy” people take in terms of jewelry.

Some people play it safe and stick strictly to the classics — pearls, Tiffany diamonds and platinum settings. They prefer to own only a few limited pieces, but they make sure it’s the sort of expensive stuff that shows they’re refined and careful because they’ve made a good investment in their selections. At the opposite end of the spectrum, some people just like to stand out in the crowd — anything big, brassy, outlandish or clearly distinct works. For others, it means that once they find something they like, they’ll stick to it for years like a savings bond. They might still be wearing the same charm bracelet or oversize gold-tone earrings from 20 years ago. No, wait, that’s Suze Orman.

As for me, my non-trendy approach favors jewelry that is made from natural materials and appears obviously handmade. I’ve even put away my original wedding band in favor of wearing rings I’ve made myself, and fortunately my husband doesn’t seem to mind one bit. After all, I am not a machine, and I don’t like wearing pieces that look like they were made in a factory. The one exception to this rule is steampunk , which I’ll confess I find quite alluring as a throwback to my wild college days (but it’s a little too trendy now).

However, it’s worth pointing out that some trends are popular for good reason and worth further consideration, like the growth trend toward personalized jewelry. We’ve seen it already in a ton of other industries, but in the Etsy realm I’m seeing more and more items with customized, stamped messages on them. The other day I even came across some jewelers in Maine who create personalized items with your fingerprints — how cool is that?! I also admire anyone who can fit actual poetry into their charms — Rumi probably never imagined the beauty of polymer clay, but I’m glad some others have come along to put the two together.

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